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Project Ideas

There's no end of great community projects that can help green our city.

Some you can do yourself, others are "off-the-shelf' projects that are part of a city-wide or provincial campaign, and others are neat ideas that you can copy.

On this page, we list some of the community projects that our animators recommend, including great projects on the ground in Toronto, and the projects that people want to work on.

Take your pick, and contact your community animator for ideas and advice.







Getting Organized

  • from community networks, centres of excellence, an transition towns, there are lots of ways to organize a community.  See the municipal section of this website for more details on organizing models.

Community Events

  • Host a Jane's Walk (first weekend of May): community walks, hosted by people with a unique perspective on their neighbourhood.

Help Nature

  • do a tree inventory and encourage homeowners to plant more trees.  Our streets need trees -- different kinds and young trees as well as the mature ones.
  • Naturalize your garden.  There's lots of groups that can help, including Evergreen, LEAF and the Toronto Master Gardeners

Save Water

  • Get your neighbourhood outfitted with rain barrels  See Riversides for details, and download the Ontario Horticultural Association booklet, Roll Out the Barrel.

Save Energy

  • contact residents in your neighbourhood with advice on how to save energy -- from the simple steps to how to get an audit and retrofit your home.  See Green Neighbours 21 for ideas -- they're piloting this project in Ward 21.

Drive Less

  • Organize a walking schoolbus (or riding schoolbus) project with friends and neigbours
  • host and Eco Driver project -- see the Toronto Green Community for details.

Live Local

  • Live local is a simple concept, but a huge community project.  Help design a better, integrated village in your community -- where all the amenities of a healthy lifestyle are nearby and accessible.  Contact the Ontario Smart Growth Network for ideas.

Eat Smart

Buy Green

  • Get your group can pledge to Live Green and Shop Green.  If your members sign the Live Green pledge, they will receive a Live Green card that will get you exclusive offers and/or instant discounts at participating Live Green Toronto businesses.  See the Live Green Toronto website for details.

Waste Less

  • Sign up your neighbourhood for backyard composters and host a composting training session. 

Prevent Pollution

  • Host a workshop on toxic-free homes, from cleaners to gardens.


Got more ideas.  Contact us with your suggestions and resources