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Campaign Ideas

  Movement-based campaigning is when a number of lead partners develop a collaborative campaign that can be adapted and adopted by a wide range of campaign partners.  Key elements are:
  • a shared goal
  • common high-level messaging
  • adaptive messaging that can be interpreted and tailored to individual audiences
  • ability to co-promote related programs and services

Traditional campaigns bring groups together to focus on policy change.  Through We Conserve, we look for campaigns that help change society.

Campaigns are when a movement really comes together to achieve results!  Here are some ideas we are working on -- feel free to pick up on them.


The Doors Closed campaign was an early test for a movement-based campaign.  Lead partners with the Conservation Council were greenTbiz, Summerhill Impact, and the Ontario Power Authority.  The campaign involved 24 organizations to reach 5,000 stores in 15 communities with a common message to save energy in a heat wave.


Priority Action  Campaign Status Purpose


Green Leaders

In development

Promote green leadership by businesses, organizations, and governments.
Encourage adaptation into municipal green programs
Encourage adaptation for specific sectors (eg business associations)



Green Homes


Provide an integrated home package (nature, energy, waste) 
Provide home audits and retrofits
Encourage natural landscaping

Help nature

At Home with Nature



Promote natural yards, balconies, and common spaces
Provide homeowner advice and neighbourhood green tours


Urban Forests

Suggested: could scale up local projects

Map and research the health and diversity of street trees and urban forests
Support the planting of street trees

Save Water

Roll out the Barrel

Suggested:  could scale up local projects

 promote downspout disconnection services and rain barrels

Save Energy

Doors Closed


Promote stores restaurants and offices that save energy during heat waves


Lighten Up

Tested - limited success due to competition with other energy campaigns

Promote energy conservation in the home
Promote the Energuide for Homes audit
Hold community workshops on energy conservation
Promote other energy conservation options

Use Green Power

 10 by 20

Suggested - can build on Our Power

Aim for 10% of Ontario homes (over 4,600) to have solar power by 2020

Drive Less 

Safe Cycling

In development.

Promote safe cycling strategies for all municipalities
Promote a provincial safe cycling strategy
Promote programs for educating cyclists and drivers
Promote cycling infrastructure (bike lanes, bike posts)

Eat Smart


Save our Farms



Preserve prime farmland
Promote farm viability
Support community-based agriculture
Promote organic food
Develop a sustainable food system

Reduce Waste

Green Bags

Suggested - build on 5 cent/bag fee

Promote reusable bags
Use the five cent per bag charge to support community green projects

 Prevent Pollution

The Red Box

In development

Promote safe storage and disposal of household hazardous waste


Toxic Free

Developed in 1990s


Promote alternatives to household hazards

Buy Green 

Buy Green

In development: Toronto pilot to build on Doors Closed campaign

Encourage businesses to be green leaders
Promote stores, restaurants and other businesses that are green leaders

Co-promote environmental labeling and certification programs

Encourage consumers to buy green


Invest in Green

Suggested: build on work of the SIO

Promote socially responsible investing (RRSPs)

 Live Local



Complete Communities


Suggested: provide a positive vision and marketing for the Ontario Smart Growth Network

Curb urban sprawl
Conduct community surveys to identify needs and opportunities to enhance community values
through development
Assist communities to develop a community plan
Aid citizen involvement in the planning process